Loving Hearts Foundation is a non-governmental and not for profit organization that surpasses the traditional functions of NGOs with the registration number Ref/0000012/ARDA/J06/ALPAS/APPB.

A group of young people with different skills, talents, services, and resources seeking to enhance Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development.

We have as objective, to reach out to the less privileged and vulnerable for a Better Society.

Given that the world, Africa and Cameroon, in particular, has seen misery;  Children in Africa are dying from diseases, most of which are preventable, hunger and poverty as well as extremist activities. 

We provide a helping hand by developing and implementing Loving Hearts Projects through the use of innovative ICT platforms and other channels to connect Giving to Needy Loving Hearts, without touching the item thereby eliminate the too many intermediaries between them. With a focus on poverty and hunger reduction, enhancing moral and social responsibility amongst communities for a peaceful society.  



Loving Hearts Foundation envisions a World where political and social action is driven by LOVE.



LHF works to enhance sharing which goes a long way to promote Humanitarian Action, Peace and Sustainable Development. We seek to help meet the basic social needs of the less privileged (Loving Needy Hearts) in communities using various platforms, including but not limited to innovative ICT platforms.