About Loving Hearts Konnect

We are glad to announce the first Integrated online digital platform in Africa to STOP  the WASTAGE and REDUNDANT keeping of useful and valuable Resources/Services

If Love is the driver for sustainable societies, why is Love not practiced than preached in the society? 

How do I change the narrative around the growing societal problems stemming from the increase of vulnerable and less privileged persons? The answer to these questions pointed to one direction #LoveInPractice. Then the vision of Loving Hearts Foundation and Projects came up in 2012.

After an in-depth review of the problem, I had to ascertain the feasibility of the idea. Empirical evidence revealed that almost 50% of Food produce in Africa is being wasted (this can comfortably sustain food needs in Africa) with an overall global annual wastage of 1.3 trillion Kilograms of food.

This empirical evidence corroborated with our qualitative observation and quantitative findings about food wastage as well as redundancy of useful resources and services. 1000 Cameroonians were randomly selected and questionnaires administered to them.  The results of this survey left us wondering as we recorded the following:

  1. 100% of our sample population told us that they are WASTING  or keeping REDUNDANT useful resources/services that could help someone somewhere just because they don't have the time to walk around looking for who needs what they are wasting or keeping redundant.
  2. Majority of the sample population said the too many intermediaries between the Needy and the Giving Hearts don't encourage them to help because most often the need doesn't turn to be meet effectively.
  3. A lesser majority complained that, before their basic needs are reached they are left with nothing from their salaries to even sacrifice for others as the economy doesn't help at all, but emphasized that, they are willing to offer their skills and services free for community development. 

Thus, a lot of people quickly aligned with the mission and vision across the world. Loving Hearts Foundation and Projects has about 500 members in Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Europe, Asia and America. 

Through the efforts, services, skills, resources and sacrifices of these members, we have been able to reach out to about 15  vulnerable and less privileged communities in and out of Cameroon, connecting with/about 15000 vulnerable and less privileged persons especially in Kenya and Cameroon. 

To foster our mission and vision, Loving Hearts Foundation and Projects  is pleased to launch the first

Integrated Online Digital Platform in Africa called Loving Hearts Konnect (http://www.lovingheartz.org/konnect), which konnects to; eliminate WASTAGE of valuable resources and services, eliminate REDUNDANT  keeping of valuable resources and services and eliminate the too many intermediaries between Needy and Giving Hearts while konnecting Loving Hearts (Needy, Caring and Giving Hearts). The platform is also integrated in nature because it permits for tangibles (resources) and intangibles (services) being wasted or kept redundant to be put at the disposal to those who really need them. 

We call on all to visit the platform and show LOVE to one another for a Better Society

Binla Lambert 
Loving Hearts Global Coordinator